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Bull Pitt xxii - Frankly Truthful

Updated: May 16, 2023

Addendum To Our Running Series : OEDIPUS & THE BEAR : Anthologies Of Pure Corruption

May 1st, 2023

No "Distorted News" Here

We Have Not Published A News Commentary Since Dec 26th, 2022 - And - We Have Been Busy Melding Through Other Media Sites - Seeking The Substance Of Where We Should Go Today - And - Simply Being Truthful Remains The Substantive Core Of Who We Are - Thus, We Sleep Well - And - Rise Each New Day With The Impulse To Speak Out - Thank You For Your Patience - Also - Please, Find Us On Our Twitter Account BullPittxxii : - We Do Try To Inspire You - To Help Give Substance To Your Life. Cheers, As Our Moss Lady Says : "Patience, Reconciliation Is On The Way" ---- And ---- Truth Prevails Beyond Sunset.

We Aim To "Out Fox" Those Who Seek To Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes

In Truth We Trust Since Time Began

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