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DJT Has More Than One Cannon

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12507091809 : MAY 9, 2024 : 12507091809

It Appears To Be Rather Obvious That POTUS Candidate Trump Will Choose Judge Cannon To Be His VP Running Mate - Really - There Is Mounting Logic To Support This Contemplation & Imminent Decision : Adding Fodder To The Campaign With A Cannon That Is Absolutely Reliable And Sustaining A Judicious Round Of Accurate Landmark Decisions That Remain Absolutely True To The Cause :

  1. She Fails On The First Constitution Criteria, Though : She Is Born In Columbia - Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, She Is Disqualified Due To The Residency Criteria - Her Father Is American (Indiana); Her Mother Is Cuban - Question Is J.D. Cannon - "She graduated in 2007 with a Juris Doctor, magna cum laude, and Order of the Coif membership.[1][3][5]" -A Naturalized US Citizen Via Her Father ? There Are Exceptions - Aileen Cannon Is A US Resident For More Than 14 Years.

  2. Aileen Mercedes Cannon Is Born In 1981 - Meeting The Age Criteria @ 43

  3. "Cannon has been a member of the conservative and libertarian Federalist Society since 2005, when she was a law student.[2][6] While being considered for the position of a district judge in 2020, Cannon explained that she joined the Federalist Society because of a "diversity of viewpoints" and also because she "found interesting the organization's discussions about the constitutional separation of powers, the rule of law, and the limited role of the judiciary to say what the law is—not to make the law".[1][6][7] - WKP

  4. Judge Cannon's Father : "Aileen Cannon's father, William H. Cannon, Jr., was a prominent figure in the American legal system. He served as a judge in the United States"



Question : Who Has Seen Rupert Murdoch Today : Comment

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

12507091809 : MAY 9, 2024 : 12507091809

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