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DJT - Not A Buffoon - Rather A Tycoon Of A Crimsoned Demure

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Addendum To Our Running Series : OEDIPUS & THE BEAR : Anthologies Of Pure Corruption

Dec 26th, 2022

The Dec 26th, 2022 LoveMoney Article By Alice Cattley (twt), Reviewing The Trump Dynasty Archives : From Ancient Bavaria To Klondike Gold; And, Into The Wealth Empire Of Trump Corporation USA Provides A Pictorial Assent From Grandpa Frederich Drumph - Through Fred Trump - And - Into The Scatological World Of The Donald Johnson Trump Mind : FPOTUS.

And, Plus One News Central (+1NC) Has Compared These Chronicles With Those As Cataloged Within Our Oedipus And The Bear Archives.

Thus, We Have Noted Three Distinct Historical Issues Relevant To These Three Paternal Legacies A-(Military Draft And Veterans Federal Funds); B-(Women As Convenient Pawns); C-(Skating Around Jurisdiction Of Law).

Alice Cattley Has Chosen The Most Appropriate Publication Site For Her Trump Article : I.E., LoveMoney. Certainly, The Gilded Edge Of Wealth And Prestige Has Been - And - Continues To Be Central To The Sense Of Self Worth Of The Trump (Drumph) House Of Cards.

As With Julius Caesar And Napoleon (And Other Notable Historical Movers And Shakers Like Genghis Khan & Elizabeth II) FPOTUS Donald Trump Has Gesticulated His Way Into Public Policy Archives By Creating Vibrant Chaos - I.E., "Stolen Election" And The Diatribes Of The Ellipse Cantor; Wherein Deaths Occurred ( Loss Of Integrity Of Oath To The Constitution By Rebellion Resulting In Loss Of Human Life).

The Benefit To The General US Public Throughout This Emerging & Declining DJT Assent In Political Ignominy Continues To Be The Public Discussions Centered Upon The Constitution (The Law) - And - Where To Find Both Just And Good In Decision-making From Top Down To Bottom Up (As In The Assassination Of The Kennedys And King); Namely, The Financial And Ethical Accountability Of Judges, Politicians, Police; And, The Moms And Pops That Generally Just Go Out To Work As The Agreement-In-Council To Pay Taxes (Second Oldest Tradition In The World) - And - Upon Which The United States Of American Understood As A Condition To Borrow From International Financiers To Pay The Troops Of The Revolution.

Thus, It Behooves The Common Citizen To Ascertain Whose Whimsy That They Shall Endorse As The Guardian Of This Democratic Republic (Which, Like ISIS & The Taliban) Is Founded Through Rebellion Against The State (Geo III) On The Fundamental Matter Of Taxation Obligations - And - Conveniently Employing The Bulls Of The Church To Disenfranchise The Sustained Populace Of The Territory.

Charles Darwin Adopted The Malthusian Population Theory To Formulate His Postulations The The Survival Of The Species : Both Edicts Elucidating (As John Kenneth Galbraith Had Espoused) - People Survive Through Harshness - Wealth Within The Masses Creates Slothfulness : The Balance Being The Employer Policy Of Only Paying The Worker Sufficient Monies To Ensure That They Will Appear For Work Each Day.

Donald Trump's Embellishment Of The Grandiose Lifestyle Epitomizes His Internal Struggle With Self : How To Ensure That People Will Love Me - The Mothering Nurturing Complex Of Breast Milk) ?.

And, The General Citizen - Through Unfolding Childhood Play Games - Adopts The Donald J Trump As An Idol ONLY While It Is Convenient - The Traditional Cat Scratch Tree. And, The Media Has Now Decided To Abandon Trump (With Just & Good Cause) As A Convenient Icon Through Which To Market The Wealth Stream (Advertising Revenues).

Do Not Seek Out The Moral Compass - As The Moss Lady Prayers Note : Permit Your Pain To Enter Your Garden Of Security - Consume The Odors And Pricks - Permit Our Body To Rationalize What Is In Relation To Our Innate Autoimmune System : Find Security And Comfort By Disenfranchising This Pain & Breath Life Into The Life On Earth Constitution.

HOPE Does Spring Eternal Within The BREAST; Wherein We Permit The PAIN To ENTER And To Be RECONCILED.

Addendum To Our Running Series : OEDIPUS & THE BEAR : Anthologies Of Pure Corruption

Dec 26th, 2022

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