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European Wind Energy Stepdown

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

A Considered Review Of CFACT Commentaries On Oil

"It’s almost impossible to understand that almost half the world— over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. Today, across southern Asia, portions of Europe and parts of Africa and Australia, there are families attempting to live on virtually nothing."

While We Wait Upon ITER'S Fusion Production In Circa 2035; PLUS-1 News Central Has Reviewed The Pros & Cons Of Wind Turbine Farms In EUROPE - And - Is Nova Scotia's Decision To Authorize Indigenous-Based 372 Megawatts On Cape Breton Economically And Environmentally Sound ? Is There EverWind Fuels Into Exportable Hydrogen Logic ? "EverWind Fuels Company President, Trent Vichie said his company has $1 billion lined up to build the first phase of the project and get it into production by 2025, Saltwire writes. A second phase, valued at more than $7 billion, would add onshore wind turbines and increase ammonia production to a million tonnes per year by 2026" ... "The five new wind projects in Nova Scotia, equivalent to about 12% of the province’s electricity consumption, are all majority owned by one or more Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaq communities, Renews.Biz reports. Each of the projects will receive a 25-year power purchase agreement from the province to supply electricity at an average cost of C$53.17 per megawatt-hour."

WIND ENERGY - As All Energy Developments Are Bound To Do - Has Many PROS AND CONS. "Unlike coal mines, wind farms aren’t required to set aside funds for clean-up"

Optional Wind Turbine Designs Include The VAWTS (Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. Although, Less Power Efficient, They Do Offer Positive Relief To Issues Such As Lower Avian / Bird Kills.

Theoretically, The Globally Available Wind Energy Volume Could Easily Replace The Existing World Fossil Fuels Consumption. EnergyMatters Proposes That The Combination Of Wind And Solar Energies Could Replace Fossil Fuels 100 Times Over.

And, Certainly, Tapping Into Our Earth's Geothermal Resources Would Add Weight Feasible To Alternative Energy Resources.

However, There Has Not Been A Proposal To Replacing The Products And Services That Rely On The Distilled And Refined Resources Of Oil And Gas (I.E., Pharmaceuticals, Asphalt, Plastic Products Like The Cell Phones And Eye Glass Frames).

Inevitably, Our Engineers Will Score A victory Through Evolutionary Crystal Products That integrate With Spider Silk.

In The Year 2364 Star Trek Enterprise Was Launched - There Are No Architectural Renderings Yet That Reveal The Hull Composition - But, Stay Tuned - Scotty Is Writing The Manual.


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