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Failed Laws Protecting Children

Updated: Jan 3

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 2ND 2024

When An Organization Declares A Convention For The Protection Of Children Without The Comprehensive Jurisdiction To Enforce Such Rules Upon The Global Community Then - As The Old English Idiom Says " The Law Is An Ass" - The Platform Becomes Ineffectual; And Is Justifiably A Rightful Subject Of Abject Ridicule.

"The International Court of Justice acts as a world court. The Court’s jurisdiction is twofold: it decides, in accordance with international law, disputes of a legal nature that are submitted to it by States (jurisdiction in contentious cases); and it gives advisory opinions on legal questions at the request of the organs of the United Nations, specialized agencies or one related organization authorized to make such a request (advisory jurisdiction)." Note : Red Cross / Red Crescent Interpretation

"The International Labor Organization estimates that there are more than 24.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide at any time. This includes 16 million victims of labor exploitation, 4.8 million victims of sexual exploitation, and 4.1 million victims of state imposed forced labor. The victims of human trafficking are often young girls and women. Young girls and women are 57.6% of forced labor victims and 99.4% of sex trafficking victims."



Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 2ND 2024

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