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Friendly Alert - GOP In Canada

Respectfully, SQYX Ralph Goodwin, Canada Chair : Touchstone 1975 Committee : Chair 1 250 709 1809

August 8th, 2023

Good Day, Michael Moore, Where Are You Today?

Caveat emptor : There is growing evidence that US Republican actors have taken over 90% of Canadian daily and weekly publications through Chatham Asset Management after the SEC fined lead party Anthony Melchiorre / Chatham $19.3 million for stock manipulation (fraud)

  1. "Washington D.C., April 3, 2023 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged New Jersey-based Chatham Asset Management LLC and its founder, Anthony Melchiorre, in connection with improper trading of certain fixed income securities. Chatham and Melchiorre agreed to pay more than $19.3 million in combined disgorgement, prejudgment interest, and civil penalties to settle the charges."

  2. i.e., "Chatham and Melchiorre consented to the SEC’s order, without admitting or denying its findings, that they violated Section 206(2) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, and that they aided and abetted and caused violations of the Investment Company Act of 1940. Chatham and Melchiorre agreed jointly and severally to pay $11 million in disgorgement and around $3.4 million in prejudgment interest. They also agreed to pay civil penalties of $4,400,000 and $600,000, respectively. Finally, they agreed to prohibitions from serving in certain positions in the investment industry, pursuant to the Investment Company Act."

And, it is worthy of note that one of Chatham's assets Postmedia (Toronto Sun) is more frequently publishing opinion pieces by none other than the infamous Conrad Black - who certainly carries a conservative bent. Mister Black gave up his Canadian citizenship in 2001 in order to accept a British peerage. Additionally, in 2010, Conrad was convicted in the US of felony fraud and obstruction of justice; for which he served 42 months incarceration; and was fined $125,000 USD.

Should Canadians be concerned of this republican / conservative evolution throughout the published media outlets?

Is there a relationship "conspiracy - as in breathing together" between Conrad Black and Anthony Melchiorre - or, more importantly - between Melchiorre and Donald Trump (you know, we are certain, is guilty until proven innocent / otherwise known as "reverse onus").

? : HAVE YOU SEEN RUPERT MURDOCH TODAY : ? No "Distorted News" Here

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