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In Search Of Cornucopia Pierre

Good Day, Ms. Poilievre

Thank You For Receiving This Most Sincere Questionnaire In This Intriguing Matter Of Published Reports About Your Present & Disparative Personal Wealth Status - So Many Unsubstantiated Rumours Leave The Observer Troubled About The Integrity Of Journalism Today : Too Many Specious Tribunals; From So Many Political Venues ... Thus, About Your Personal Wealth Gain Since You Ascended Into Politics ... Are You A Multi-Millionaire Just From Reasonable, Clever, Conservative Investment Of Your Parliamentary Income ?

We Are Told - By Public Disclosures - That Justin Trudeau's Personal Wealth (Majority Inherited) - School Teacher / Politician - Is Circa $10-Million. While, Jagmeet Singh's (Lawyer / Politician) Wealth Is Published As Being Around Less Than $1-Million (Between $100,000 To $1-M). And, Yves-Francois Blanchet Is Listed As Being Around $1-3 Million (Teacher / Musician / Businessman / Politician). Green Party Co-Leader Elizabeth May's Personal Income (Lawyer / Activist / Politician) Is Recorded As Being $100,000 - $1-M. And, Finally, PPC Leader Maxine Bernier, Is Likewise, About $100,00 - $ 1-M) (Politician / Lawyer).

In Conclusion, Your Reported Personal Wealth Of Between $9-Million To $20-Million (Not Likely) Stands Out Amongst This Crowd Of Present Canada Federal Leaders.

These Matters Are Of Public Interest - The Majority Of Canadian Citizens Live Within Two Weeks Of Technical And Real Impoverishment; And, Stats Canada Tells Us That Poverty Levels Have Decreased From 14.5% (2015) To 6.4% (2020) ... But, Generally, People FEEL POOR --- Today, Single Mothers, Raising Two Kids Within Poverty Margins Are 21% (21% of single mothers in Canada raise their children while living in poverty (7% of single fathers raise their children in poverty). Women parenting on their own enter shelters at twice the rate of two-parent families).

Hence, Ms. Hon Pierre Poilievre, MP, Please, Share With Us All, How Have You So Cleverly Transitioned (Since 2004) Your Rather Modest Parliamentary Income Into The Second Leading Personal Wealth Status (Actually Significantly Leading, When You Discount Justin's Inherited Wealth) Of The Current Political Field In Federal Politics ??? .... WHERE IS THE ALCHEMY ? Perhaps, Former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper ($7-M) Shared Some Business Sense.

How To Manage 18 Years Of Political Income Into A Comparative Fortune ? - Perhaps, Bitcoins ? Currently, 12 of Trudeau's Cabinet Ministers Have Real Estate Investments - Location - Location - Location.

Thank You - Merci - Miiqwich - Marsee - Nakurmik

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