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IRS is calling : DJT Super Pac $$

Respectfully, SQYX Ralph Goodwin, Canada Chair : Touchstone 1975 Committee : Chair 1 250 709 1809

August 1st, 2023

Yes, the IRS will want to have income reports from all of the parties who are being supported by Trump's Super Pac, et al, funding for competent legal counsel when these knowlegable individuals are subpoened to appear before federal and state grand juries.

To date - the 1st half of 2023 - there is the FEC report that Donald Trump's financial support network - re his 2024 POTUS campaign - has paid in excess of $40-million into the retainer's coffer of legal beagles required by all parties who are responding - or, challenging - state & / or federal subpoenas to appear before both special and regular grand juries sitting on questions of law regarding the Donald J Trump political machniations at his Trump Corporation; plus, percolating matters of civil and criminal allegations as related to the January 6th Capitol Riot.

In 2022, Trump's PAC reported legal expenses totaled circa $20-million.

It does appear logical that the IRS will deem monies received by these 3rd parties, who are called forward to provide testimonies, to be taxable income.

Reverse onus applies to taxation matters and the IRS. I.E., the citizen or corporate body is deemed to be a respondent who shall prove innocence or not required to report income.

Even Chris Christie (a noted legal scholar - specializing in securities law and appellate practice) is questioning the veracity of Trump PAC's legal expenditures on the matter of political issues versus personal benefits. Christie - while New Jersey governor - spent in excess of $1-million battling the New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

Hence, there is valid reason to speculate that the IRS will be eager to receive the personal tax reports from Trump and associates who have required legal counsel funding.

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Respectfully, SQYX Ralph Goodwin, Canada Chair : Touchstone 1975 Committee : Chair 1 250 709 1809

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