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Middle East Peace Is The Global Keystone To Mastering Equity

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 21ST 2024

In Pursuing The Two Answers - In Simultaneity - There Is The Opportunity For Equilibrium Politicum And Militaria To Occur For The Mutual Benefit Of All. Namely, Hamas Shall Publicly Explain The Proposed Logic Of The Oct 7th, 2023 Attack On Israeli Domestics. And, Israeli Military Seniors Being Aware Of The Two-Year Old Planned Attack By Hamas; Why Did They Not Sustain Border Intelligence Alerts And Retain Defense Positions During Such A Pinnacle Holy Season? Neither Event Achieves Common Sense; Or, Military Wisdom - Particularly, Since These Two Factions Have Been At War With One Another For 3000 Years ... Such Political Collapses And Horrific Slaughters By Both Actors In This Lens Raises Serious Questions Of How The United Nations Will Deal With Such Catastrophes.

If The United Nations Was Self-Capitalized, Then It Would Be Enfranchised To Enforce International Laws, Doctrines And Covenants. Further, The UN Would Amend The Charter To Eliminate Security Council Veto Rights Of Founding Members. And, It Would Expel Member States Who Breach The Charter; Especially, Where The Chapter VII Provisions That Prohibit Alien Hostile Military Occupation Of Another Actor's Territory. The UN Provost Marshal Would Actually Have A Robust Peace Keeping Force To Deploy To Trouble Spots.

Of Course, These Transitional Measures Cannot Happen Due To The Sustained Dark Agenda Arms Dealers' Leverage ... Caveat : Global Population Has Cell Phones And Internet - Impossible To Drown Out Good Responsible Journalism And "Snowden" Personalities - Note The Women Intelligence IDF Members Who Have Now Publicly Complained About The Alerts About Impending Hamas Attacks Forthcoming : Domestic And International Whistle Blowers Are Standing Up; Speaking Out; And, Remaining Standing Until They Are Recognized.

Common Sense Does Prevail. Evidence Of This Transitional Marker Is The Heightened Awareness Of The Financial Communities "Conspiracies" Regarding Global Sustained Economic Stability.

The 1919 Paris Peace Conference Was The Keystone Event

Global Awareness Of Warmonger Strategies are Divesting Them Of Empowerment

The United Nations - Is - World Government

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Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 21ST 2024

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