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CPC absolutely loves DJT's Plot


Published By : SQYX GOODWIN : Plus-1 Bull Pitt Central Contact JUL 25TH, 2023 International HQ : Victoria : In Canada, North America 1 250 709 1809 IF ...

There is one clear and present danger to the rule of law in the constituted United States of America, then it is truly the Communist Party of China's covert campaign to ensure that Donald Trump secures the primary endorsements for the GOP presidential candidacy. Currently, the US is struggling through this examination of the credulity of justices in the US court system : i.e., the question of judicial prejudice subverting the rule of law in case decision-making --- including, this question of the probable dialogue on matters of law between Supreme Court Justice Thomas and his spouse Ginni. In Canada, it was Prime Minister Pierre (1980) Trudeau's government (Justin's father) who legislated that government has no right of presence within the privacy of the nation's bedrooms. Additionally, in US states - like Alabama - there is growing evidence that states-within-the-union are standing firm to defy USSC decisions regarding equity-in-law where voting districts are mapped. Alexander Hamilton would be thrashing about in harmonious disgust. The CPC (Communist Party of China) exudes the similar global dominance platform that so does the USA - i.e., securing other state nations to adopt their specific regime politic. The world is witnessing a symbiotic event between both nations : there is an evident "conspiracy" between these elite power regimes to synthesize polical decision-making that embraces this evolving "world new order" maintained on the historical premise that "might makes right". Certainly, Donald Trump's campaign - through the embers of the Jan 6th Capitol Riot - alleging a "stolen election" illustrates the surviving state ethic of "rewrite history until it suits our purpose". Hence, the CPC does conduct covert political campaigns within the USA. Donald Trump's campaign (not his election to a 2nd POTUS term) does substantially contribute to the CPC policy of global dominance by substantially contributing to the political disease of "truth illusion". The CPC global "Belt & Road" machinations are similar to the US "friendly policing" policies to other state nations. Thus, it becomes the independent observer's task to prepare for union dissolution within the US throughout these next 18 months until the US Electoral College declares their colour of law to the Congress, under the security of Washington policing and the national guard. Wise money is placing its coin under CPC crypto currency

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note : Who Died At The Jan 6th Capitol Riots ? : note


Published By : SQYX GOODWIN : Plus-1 Bull Pitt Central Contact JUL 25TH, 2023 International HQ : Victoria : In Canada, North America 1 250 709 1809


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