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Reconciliation Transition Canada

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

As With Elizabeth At Ireland; So Shall The Royal Burden Of Political Settlement Be Now Weighted Upon The Skills Of King Charles III - Head Of State In 14 Nations.

The Monarchical Duties Of Elizabeth II In Ireland Provides An Adequate Settlement Template - In Conjunction With The British Colonial Settlement History of 1841 With The New Zealand Moari & The Nationhood Proclamation By Ghandi's India In 1947.

The Maori Land Settlement Became An Instrumental Template For Calculating Land Entitlements For Canada's Indigenous Peoples, Who Were To Be Habitated Within Federally Registered Reserves - The Outstanding Matters Are Rooted Within The Indigenous Populations Prior To The Distribution Of Smallpox Infested Shirts And Blankets By The Hwunitum (Land Humangry White Men) - Which Decimated Natives population By 80 -90% In Canada : As It Did, Likewise, As Columbus And Followers Entered Turtle Island North (North And Central America); Where 100,000,000 Populations Withered Within Three Decades Down To Circa 2 - 3,000,000 Aboriginal Survivors.

This Population Grid For Lekwungen Peoples Demonstrates Lost Land Titles By Germ Warfare

It Now Falls Upon The Shoulders Of King Charles III To Participate In The Indigenous Land Title Settlements With Indigenous Peoples Of 14 Nations - Where Canada Prevails As The Largest Territorial Settlement For The 3,000,000 Indigenous Peoples North Of The 49th Parallel Prevail; Knowing That The English Monarch Is Now Compelled To Acknowledge The 1778 Utrecht Court Settlement In Favour Of English King Geo III Over The Trespass Of Spanish King Charles II At Friendly Cove, Nootka Sound - As Part Of The Universal Class Claim. The Utrecht Settlement Applied As Precedent To The European Nations As They Colonized Around The World - In Particular, Marking Turtle Island North As Territory Owned And Managed By Indigenous Nations - Above And Beyond The Oft Quoted 1763 Royal Proclamation.

And, Thus, As The World Witnesses The Exit Of Elizabeth II's 70-Year Reign; So Too, Now Does The World Eagerly Anticipate How King Charles III Shall Now Retain The Vigor Of This Monarchy By Marking His Territory Through The Eyes Of A Man Who Professes To Be A Steward Of Mother Nature - As Illuminated In His COP 26 Glasgow Speech

Elizabeth II Failed To Reconcile With Indigenous Peoples Of Canada; While Her Reign Continued The Tragic History Of Indigenous Children Being Scooped Up From Their Families And Home; Tethered To The Dorms Of The Indian Residential Schools - Where, Today,, We Continue To Uncover The Unmarked Gravesites Of Children Who Died Under The Management Of The Canadian Government And Churches - Which Continued Its Assault Upon Native Adults By Housing Them By High Ratio Into Provincial And Federal Penal Colonies - Where Native Adults Were Prohibited From Retaining Legal Council Until 1960 - Seven Years Into Elizabeth's Reign.

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