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Turtle Island North Biosphere


2022 A.D.E. SINCE TIME BEGAN : Caveat : Forwad Thinking Statement : Caveat : IN TRUTH WE TRUST 2022 A.D.E. AUGUST 24TH Respectfully Published By : Ralph Charles SQYX Goodwin : Editor-In-Chief In Honour Of : Dr Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem, LLB : Creation Emissary GOOD DAY PEOPLES OF MASHPEE WAMPANOAG TRIBAL NATION ATTN : ASA PETERS & ASSOCIATES CC : NCAI 1949 CC : PHILIP MARCELO STANDING UP - SPEAKING OUT - REMAINING STANDING A FRIENDLY NOTE FROM THE HWUNEEM ALPHONSE PETER FAMILY OF KWA'MUTSUN NATION OF QUW'UTSUN LANDS - WEST COAST TURTLE ISLAND NORTH OF THE 49TH PARALLEL WE WRITE REGARDING : "The Wampanoag Common Lands, as the project is called, seeks to restore a 32-acre (13-hectare) former Catholic summer camp on the banks of the Muddy Pond in Kingston" - Associated Press TODAY, WE HAVE READ THROUGH THE NEWS COVERAGE OF YOUR CAMPAIGN TO RECOVER LANDS LOST THROUGH EUROPEAN COLONIALISM :

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ARTICLE WENT ONTO TO REPORT " The efforts are also critical in the face of climate change, which has acutely harmed Native communities, she said. Alaska tribes facing increased erosion, flooding and thawing permafrost have weighed relocating from their coastal and riverside lands. Louisiana bayou tribes still reeling from Hurricane Ida last year are bracing for ever-powerful storms, while across the American West, tribes are contending with a historic drought that has upended their way of life ... In northern California, the Wiyot Tribe has spent more than two decades restoring a badly polluted island that was the site of an 1860 massacre that nearly wiped out the tribe and, more recently, was home to a ship repair facility." ----- "Tribes in Wyoming and other Great Plains states, meanwhile, have been reintroducing bison herds brought to near-extinction by European settlers. Those in Washington state and other parts of the Pacific Northwest are focused on protecting glacial rivers vital for migrating salmon from warming waters and the effects of dams and industrial pollution." AGAIN, IN CLOSING - WE COMMEND YOUR CONTINUED STEWARDSHIP PASSION - AND - WE RECOGNIZE PHILIP MARCELO FOR HIS QUALITY AP COVERAGE HUY'CH'QU' - THANK YOU OFFERED FORWARD TO YOU IN HONOURING OUR MONARCH DR STITUMAATULWUT HWUNEEM, LLB - WHOSE LEGACY CONTINUES THIS DAY WITHIN HER WORDS - AS PUBLISHED BY THE ROYAL BC MUSEUM - "WHAT WAS SAID TO ME" --- THE ESSENTIALS OF PRESERVING CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS IN SONG, STORIES AND STEWARDSHIP. EMISSARY : RALPH SQYX GOODWIN KWA'MUTSUN AT QUW'UTSUN LANDS EMAIL RESPONSE LINK 1 250 709 1809 AUGUST 24TH

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