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Weinstein Dental & Soiling Chaos

Weinstein's Legal Beagle Has Petitioned Court's Assistance On Humanitarian Grounds To Provide Harvey Weinstein With Permission To Gain Access To His Personal Denturist - Stating That Existing Penal Denture Practices Only Provide That When Weinstein Suffers A Dental Issue - That They Merely Pull Out His Teeth ...

Additionally, There Is The Matter Of Weinstein's Incontinence When Being Held For 3 - 4 Hours Before He Is Transferred From The Court; And, Back To His Cell.

We Are Anticipating That Weinstein's Next Court Petition Will Be To Have The Embroidered "Bill Cosby" Pillow Cases Replaced --- And --- He Definitely Rejects The Shower Privileges That Were Accorded To Epstein.

There Are No Conjugal Privileges Permitted Between Mutual Interests Parties Weinstein And Ghislane Maxwell - But, He Is Permitted To Receive Post Cards From Andrew Of Windsor.

Harvey Weinstein - Reportedly - Is Spending His Time Dictating (He Is Loosing His Eyesight (We Know What Causes That, Uhmph) - Considering A Movie Plot About A Former Political Leader Who Has A Tradition Of Transgressions During Marriages.

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