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Hello - We Are TC1975

Touchstone Committee Began Its Domestic And International Operations In Human, Civil Rights; And, Political Freedoms In 1975. The Events That Inspire TC1975 To Stand Up Are Those Issues Where Individuals And Groups Implement Their New Knowledge To Fashion Advancements In Civilization's Infrastructure Of Education, Employment; And, Nutrition.

From These Initial Principals There Are Manifold Rights And Freedoms To Be Cherished And Embraced. Media Attention To Such Is Always Valued; For Truth Does Not Thrive In Silence.

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Our Story Is Emboldened Through Your Courage

TC1975 Embraces The Work Of Plus-1 News Central, For Its Publications Serve To Illustrate That Human Civilization Actually Does Advance In Positive Ways - Always Through The Perspectives That The "Now: Is Relevant To The Past And The Future --- And --- That We Are The Fulcrum To Leverage Positive Changes.


TC1975 Is  always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Your Thoughts Are Valued.

1 250 709 1809

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