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Amazonian Intellect Sensibility

Updated: Jan 18

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 14TH 2024

The History Of Our Earth's Indigenous Peoples (I.E., All Nations, All Places) Has Survived Throughout The Many Millennia Before Recorded Time (Events) By adopting The "Clan Mother" Principles.

Men Are Traditional Warriors Assigned To Secure The Community; Women Are Charged With The Bearing And Rearing Of Children; And, Of Being The Centers Of Education Before Boys Begin To Train For Battle; And, Girls Learn The Handicrafts Of Fabric Making; Cleansing The Harvests; And, The General Toils Outside Of Armed Warrior Embattlements; Where It Was Not Uncommon For 30-50,000 Soldiers To Die On Any Given Day. Therein, In Consequence Birthing Has Been The Traditional Female Role In Society.

There Are Legions Of Historical Instances Where Women Have Served Gloriously In Battle; Commanding Leadership And Serving As Head Of State. But, It Behooves Men To Admit That Most Cultures Are Matriarchal Not Paternalistic. Men Are Chiefs Of War; Who, Inevitably Are Cultured Through The Clan Mother Embraces.

And, Thus, In This Year 2024; Where Heightened Economic Alarms Are Percolating Globally (As They Traditionally Do Every 15 - 20 Years, As Banks Become Overextended And Need To Draw Down On Societal Savings Accounts - Cleaving Circa 40 % Of Retirement Incomes); It Is Reasonable To Second The Logic Of Women To Deliberate; Facilitate, Fabricate, Nurture And Develop The Schematics For Earth's (And, Therein, Humankind's) Absolute Survival Beyond Extreme Climate Events.

Yes, Oil Will Survive As An Industrial Commodity Into This Next Century. But, Revolutionary Global Economic Templates Are An Absolute Necessity Today. And, Men Are Fundamentally Not Capable - In The General Sense - To Avoid Chaos Due To The Prescribed Ethos Of "Profit Over Logic" Syndrome.

In Many Clan Mother Societies, Women Majestically Govern Through The "Pillow Strategy" - Where Men Fail To Acknowledge The Counsel Of Women; Then, Women Remove The Man's Pillow From Their Bed Chamber. Men Are Reluctant To Challenge This Pillow Ambassadorship; Because, Women Traditionally Prepare Meals; And, Are Most Nobel In The Fine Arts Of Medicines - Both Of Healing & Of The Dark Arts.

Thus, It Is A Wise Counsel Of Men, Today, Who Will Enshrine The Predominance Of Women's Common Sense. Lest This World Continue To Devolve Beyond The Line Of Safe Return. Even The King's Court Jester Risked Immediate "Contempt" In The Event That The Counsel Proved Illegitimate For The Prevailing Of The Monarch.

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Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 14TH 2024

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