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Beyond Villains - Hope Prevails

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 5TH 2024

The US Democracy Is Under Assault From Domestic And International Actors. Such Is Not Unique Within These Mainstream Corrupt Intrigues By Forces Of Commerce And Theology ... But, If There Is Some Required Duty Of Care By Each Voting Citizen; Then, It Is This Remarkable Opportunity To Attend The Election Day; And, To Ensure That Your Ballot Is Cast; Counted And Certified By The Constitutionally Appointed Governance Officers Of The Nation. Therein, Resides This Democracy.

Once Gone, Never To Return, Democracy Resides Only Within Strength Of Purpose

Honoring The Manifold Sacrifices By The Multitudes In Prescribing National Virtues

Democracy Matters - Really !!!

Confidence In Self To Confront Those Who Would Depose Constitutional Democracy Simply Requires Discovering The Central Purpose Of The Work Ethic


Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 5TH 2024

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