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Blinken "Meritless" Genocide Claim Is Truly "Forked Tongue"

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 9TH 2024

The Integrity Of US Sustained Declaration Of Unconditional Support Of The Israel IDF Campaign In Gaza And West Bank Is "Meritless" When Considering That Neither The USA Or Israel Have Ratified The Rome Statute Creating The ICC : International Criminal Court. South Africa Is An ICC Member State - As Well As The State Of Palestine.

The 3000 Years Of Overt Strife Between Israelites And Arabs Had Virtually Settled Into Peaceful Co-Existence During The Reign Of The Ottoman Empire. And, This Relative Stability Within The Law Of Bayezid II. The Balfour Declaration And The Secret Sykes-Picot Agreement Destabilized These Middle-East Territories That Had Prevailed For More Than 400 Years.

It Is Neither The Palestinians Nor The Israelites (Since 1948) Who Bear The Fault Of Continued Warfare In Pursuit Of These Rich Farmlands; Rather, It Is Both The French And British Oil-Hungry Autocrats Who Have Continued To Deceive Public Media Expositions - Especially, Rooting These Gaza / West Bank : Israel At The Foot Of The 1919 Treaty Signed At The Paris Peace Conference - To Which T E Lawrence Attended As An Ambassador With Saudi Arabian Monarch Prince Feisal.

Today, The United States Is Mastering An Oil-Domination Enterprise Via The Financing Of Israel's Gaza War; While Simultaneously Securing "Landing Rites" Within Qatar, Saudi Arabia; Jordan, Turkiye, And The U.A.E; With Other Covert Agreements Percolating While Gaza And West Bank Become Inhospitable To Palestinian Habit - In Consequence The Unfolding Media Reports Concerning Financial Proposals To Relocate 2.3 Million Palestinians To Other Regions Like Africa And Venezuela (The Alleged $100 / $33 + Cart Blanche Arms Supplies To Hosting Nation).

US & UN Are Encouraged To Broker A Just Settlement To This "Israel-Hamas" War

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 9TH 2024

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