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Don Without Mar A Lago Home

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Published By SQYX GOODWIN Plus-1 News

Victoria, BC, Canada : Turtle Island North

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The Possible Trump Enterprise Strategy To Avoid Assets Seizure - Sell Mar A Lago

"A few days before the ex-POTUS was indicted in Fulton County, Ga., for to his attempts to overturn the 2020 election, he allegedly "sold" his beloved Mar-a-Lago, Fla., property to a company called Mar-a-Lago, Inc. for $422-million." as generally reported by social media.

In 1927, the Mar A Lago was constructed at a cost of $7-million (2023 equivalent $120-million). And, in 1981, it was listed for $20-million.

Within the matter of the 1924 Mar A Lago property ownership it remains relevant to examine the original sale of Mar A Lago (a national historic landmark) details between original owner, Marjorie Merriweather Post; and, her bequest to the National Park Service.

Records of the property transfer over time reveal that Marjorie's transfer bequest intent was that this Mar A Lago property would serve as a Winter White House location - neither Nixon or Carter were interested. However, there were difficulties in securing this transfer through legal routes - an Act of Congress in 1981 returned the property to Ms Post.

In 1985, Donald Trump acquired the Mar A Lago as a members-only club; paying $7-million; including the Post furnishings. Note that E F Hutton daughter Diana Merrill was involved with two of Marjorie's daughters in failing to maintain the Mar A Lago upkeep prior to the Trump Acquisition. Trump had purchased land from JC Massey (KFC) in an attempt to drive down the Mar A Lago fixed asking price; i.e., his KFC purchase development could block ocean view from Mar A Lago.

The community had some voice in the terms of this land transfer - requiring that only "guests" could live at Mar A Lago. several articles (A - B - C).

This Mar A Lago continues to cause regulator's interests. In 2022, New York AG James initiated the review of the Trump corporate body's assets assignment to financial security in banking / financial transactions. In 2018, Forbes had determined the FMV of Mar A Lago to be circa $160-million; while, the Trump corporate largese postulated the FMV to be around $739-million. Trump corporate senior person, Weisselberg (now released from prison, 2023) might possess some knowledge of these variance matters.

Thus, the local community of Mar A Lago territory has prescribed the Terms & Conditions of the Donald Trump renovations and residency matters. For instance, it appears that - as owner - Donald Trump & spouse Melania are prohibited from residing at Mar A Lago. Perhaps, a friendly conversation with Trump lawyer Paul Rampell, might clear up some of these issues about ownership residency. Or, it might prove worthy to have a "conspiracy / to breath together" chat with the community's legal beagle. Fortunately, Donald and Melania, can reside at the Mar A Lago because he is an "employee" ... However, a review by FBI in 2023 of "employees" at Mar A Lago did not reveal Donald Trump as being therein listed.

Hence, question : Is Donald a non-registered employee? ... Interesting issues as related to labor regulation standards, tax deductions for IRA, et cetera --- always something of interest in this tangled web of deceit and intrigue. see Truth Social.

Perhaps, Governor DeSantis will look into this quandary.

Plus-1 News Central has provided statements on these matters to the community legal counsel for his review.

Published By SQYX GOODWIN Plus-1 News

Victoria, BC, Canada : Turtle Island North

1 250 709 1809

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