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ILO Indigenous Peoples IRCRC

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 20TH 2024

It Is Time For The Pathfinding Consolidation Of The UN International Labor Organization (ILO) Plus The International Red Cross Red Crescent (IRCRC) With The UN Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Organization (UNHRC) Commission To Prescribe And Enforce The Prerequisite Parameters To Avoid Earth's Climate Collapse; In Conjunction With Securing World Trade And Commerce In Avoidance Of The Periodic (Every 10 - 15 Years) Financial Community's Dreaded Conspiracies To Grab 40% Of Savings Accounts Of Pensioners. We Can Do Better Than The Banking Cabal. And, This Consolidation (ILO - IRCRC - Indigenous Peoples) Can Regulate The Defensive Production Of Military Arms.

North American Modern Era Governments Of Canada And The United States Adopted Peacemaking Protocols Into Their Constitutions Through Consultations With Indigenous Peoples Of The Haudenosaunee Elders Providing Guiding Strategies - Strategies That Have Secured The World's Oldest (400+ Years) Sustained Continuous Nation-To-Nation Trade Treaty ( Iroquois Confederacy And The Empire Of The Netherlands) In The World Through The Covenant Chain Two Row Wampum : Peace Trust And Friendship Ethic. The Iroquois Six Nations Peoples Have Lived In Peace For More Than 1000 Years. The West Coast Kwa'mutsun Nation Has Remained In Custom Of The Potlatch ( Sharing Of Wealth ) For More Than 6000 Years.

It Really Is Not That Difficult. The UN Currently Is Harboring The 2020 Class Action Notice Of Claim On Behalf Of "indigenous Peoples" - World's Total Population - As Based Upon The Paramount Laws Of Custom And Tradition That Prescribes One Square Mile (259 Hectares) As Property In Absolute Domain Possession For A Family Core Of Four Persons. The British Empire Recognized Such Terms In Their 1841 Treaty Settlement (364-Page 1997 Analysis) With The Maori Nation - And - Such Has Been Adopted Into The Canada / Indigenous Nations Treaty Settlements.

Today, It Makes Absolutely No Common Sense For 1% Of The Global Population To Own 99% Of Wealth (Lands & Resources). They Simply Do Not Understand The Difference Between The Archaic Malthusian Economic Theories & The Practical Application Of A Homemaker Buying Food Staples; Or The Breadwinners Thrashing Through Accumulated Credit Card Indebtedness To Secure Their Habitat From Crunching Increases Of Borrowing Terms.

Commerce And Industry Has Failed To Provide Leadership To Date

Thus - Through High Tech - Global Population Can Now Endure



We Have Children - Because - They Matter & They Know Us Well

Hope Is A Bubbling Brooke That Springs Eternal

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Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 20TH 2024

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