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Immunity Deflates Law Umbrella

Updated: Dec 28, 2023



“By November, the Biden administration will have to decide whether to make another major concession to the prince. A U.S. court set that deadline for the U.S. to determine whether it will weigh in to agree or disagree with Prince Mohammed’s lawyer that the prince has legal immunity from a (Malinowski) lawsuit in U.S. federal court over the killing of Khashoggi” - AP writers Jill Colvin in New York City and Matthew Lee in Washington contributed.

Grasping The Constant Inequities Of The Privileged "Immunity" Provisions Of State, National And International Law Dissolves The Substance Of "A Nation Of Law", Where The Individual - Again - Looses Out To The Elite Members Of Society.

Currently, The Jurisdiction Of "Immunity" Is Overwhelming When The Individual Seeks Out The Just Society - Essentially, Qualified Murder And Civil Corruption Immunities Are Provided To The Killers Of Khashoggi And The "Field Error" Of The Death Of Palestinian-American Al Jazeera Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

Monarchs, Heads Of State, Senior Administration Officials, Police Officers; And, Ranks Within Military Spheres Are Provisioned With Internationally Accorded Immunity From Prosecution With Degrees Of Personal And Privileged Immunity Allowances - A Case Of Self- Preservation By A Cabal Of Ranked Leadership.

The United States Has Not Endorsed The Rome Statute; Which Has Created The ICC - International Criminal Court - But, Eleanor Roosevelt Is Accorded Historical Presence For Her Leadership At The UN In Global Communities Adopting Fundamental Universal Human Rights Doctrines.

Members Of Government - In Theory, Not Practice - Are Agents Of Their Constituencies. Elected Persons In Most Democratic Nations Are Periodically Accountable To The Electorate. And, Now With The Claim Of "Stolen" Resounding Throughout The US 50 States, There Appears That The World's Third Most Populace Governed Territory Will Witness The Debauchery Of The Just Society's Role Of Law And Order Dissipate To A Pariah Of Hollow Echoes.

At The End Of The Day - We DO Get What We Deserve. The Application Of Malthusian Economic Theories (Keep Workers Near Starvation As The Mechanism Of Control - Feed Them Enough To Ensure That They Show Up For Work; But, Not Too Much Compensation; Otherwise Workers Become Lazy And Will Not Show Up To Do Work) --- Just Check Your Wallet And Count The Number Of Credit Cards Bulging In That Leather Confine That Constantly Verge On "Tilt".

The World's Economies Are Overdue For Another Global Meltdown - And - War Is The Traditional Response : Draw Down Wealth From Accumulated Pools Of Cash In Those Hedge Funds (Pensions) To Fund Massive Armaments Production - Destroy Cities And Infrastructure To Provide Venues For Commerce And Trade (Industrialists) To Re-build.

Where Is My / Your "Immunity" From This Harsh Reality Of Life On Earth - Oh, Yes, And, Then There Is The IPCC Proclaimed Environment Chaos - Perhaps, Matt Damon, On Mars, Would Accept Company ?

I Will Seek The Counsel Of The Mothers Of The World Who See Their 6 Million Children Under The Age Of 5 Die Of Per Year (3 Million From Starvation); And, I Will Visit The Homes Of The 60 Million Internally Displaced Persons Of The World; And The Hubles Of The 80 -90 Million Refugees Cared For Within The Red Cross / Red Crescent Fields - "In the past decade, the global refugee population has more than doubled. According to the UNHCR, over 84 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes. Among them are over 26.6 million refugees, the highest population on record. 68% of the world’s refugees come from just 5 countries."

Yes, Immunity From Life's Hardships Is Somewhat Sparse And Overwhelming - But - Global Research Groups Assure Us, That Compared To 1922, That Our Standard Of Living Has Constantly Improved; After All, Our Life Expectancy Has Nearly Improved On Average By 51%. Perhaps, There Is A Certain Immunity Justice That Envelopes Us All - Other Than The Mothers Who Die In Child Birth; Or, The Conscripted Children That Are Now Being Found In The Ukraine, Wearing Russian Military Attire.


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