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Legacies Of New York Assault

Updated: Jan 21

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 19TH 2024

YES - E Jean Carroll Has Continued To Live Within The Shadows Of That Day In The Bergdorg Goodman (1995-96) Dressing Room; When "She Recalls Saying : Hey, You're That Real-Estate Tycoon!" As They Exchange Brief Intros As They Met In The Revolving Doors; He Exclaimed To Her "Hey, You're That Advice Lady!" True.

We're Just Wondering - Does Kingflounder Have Absolute Immunity With His Cabal?

If He Achieves 2024 POTUS Success; Will Mt Rushmore Be Carved With His Image?

Kingflounder's Media & General Public Reign Is Waiting For GOP "Long Knives"

Kingflounder Maintains The Matriarchal Oath And Motto - It's "Bull" All The Way

Certainly, Kingflounder Undertakes To Absorb Leading Personal Counsel Advice

Lady Liberty Appreciates Kingflounder's Sincere Recognition Of Integrity

Kingflounder - The Eternal Crowd Pleaser !

So Much For (Wet) Dreams

Question : Who Has Seen Rupert Murdoch Today : Comment

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 19TH 2024

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