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Missing Classified - How Many ?

In This Matter Of FPOTUS Trump's Stash Of Classified Documents At Mar-A-Lago; Or, "Wherever", The Substantive Question Remains : How Many SCI, Secret, Top Secret Documents From The Trump Presidency Era Are Missing?

A Forensic Audit Is Warranted

Homeland Security & Associates Proclaim A Standard High Mark Protocol That Remains In Place To Transition Any Classified Documents ( Knowing That The Question Of Tagging Items As "Secret" Has Plagued Administration Officials Since The Time Of Colin Powell ) - Who Likewise Ran Afoul Over Cell Phone Secret Possessory Issues; As Did Hillary Clinton.

Certainly, POTUS Biden Has Explained The Measures That Exist For Him To Review & Return To Secure Holdings Any And All Classified Documents.

Hence, The Question Of Import, In This Matter Confronting The FBI Mar-A-Lago Search On Behalf Of The National Archives Petition, Is WHERE Are Any Not-Recovered Classified Documents That Were Provided To Donald Trump During His Induction And Tenure As President Of The United States Of America?

It Is A Reasonable Expectation That All Departments That Tag & Archive Classified Documents Do Maintain A Readily And Timely Report To Detail The Status Of Classified Documents In The Possession Of The Government - And - Reporting The Tabulation Of Documents Not Accounted For At Present. This Is Not Rocket Science, If The Integrity Of Classified Documentation Protocol Has Been Adequately Maintained. And, We Presume Such Gold Standard Integrity Is In Place.

Flowing From This Classified Archives Report Will Be Information Of Strategic Import To The Department Of Justice & The Public At Large - Apprehending Rising Fears Of The Integrity Of Donald Trump And His largese Of Legal Counsel In Their Signatured Statutory Declaration That All Is Now Returned.

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