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No Nation Is An Island Unto Itself Today Within This Evolved Interdependent Political World

Updated: Jan 8

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 8TH 2024

Yes, The Nearly 200 Member State United Nations Is In Peril By Continuing To Provide Veto Rights At The Security Council. This Paternalistic Charter Provision Excludes Just Society Opportunities. And, The Chapter VII Prohibitions Against Alien Hostile Occupation Military Occupation Without Prior UN Security Council Sanction Is Generally Ignored Because The UN Fails To Possess Enforcement Capabilities; And, Too Many Macro And Micro Nations Fail To Endorse Conventions On Fundamental Civil, Human Rights And Political Freedoms. The International Court Of Justice (ICJ) And The International Criminal Court (ICC) Are Not Universal Theatres Of Enforceable Decision-making. We Can Do Better. It Does Matter. It Is Time.

Those 1961 Departing Eisenhower Cautionary Words Continue To Merit Sincere And Meaningful Consideration Today - For Tomorrow - Where Citizens Are Entitled To Demand Overt Accountability Upon The Chosen Government. The Just Society IS Possible. The Empirical Practices Of 1%ers Who Prevail As Masters / Mistresses Of 99% Of Global Wealth Can Prevail With Intelligent Transitioning From The Historical Endorsement Of The Malthusian Economic Doctrines (The Worker Must Be Kept In Near Starvation In Order To Avoid Endemic Laziness). Galbraith Knew Him Well.

In This Transitioning New World - Where Technologies And Fundamental Life Are Co-habiting - It IS Possible For A Villager In Outer Mongolia To Communicate With World Leadership. As Society Merges Archived Practices Of Providing Security Of Food And Shelter To The Masses Into This Fascinating Opportunity To Develop Greater Capabilities To Comfort All Sectors With Basic Needs In Conjunction With Reaching Out To Beyond The Stars, The Does Reside The Reality Of Limited Natural Resources. Today's 8-Billion World Population Will Be Greater Than 11-Billion By This Century's End. Nutrition Is Now The Pinnacle Matter Of Concern. Nations Will Rise And Fall Continuously Throughout The Balance Of This 21st Century. Massive Conflicts Will Prevail. And - As Eisenhower Postulated - We Are Wise To Recognize This Sustained Ever Greater Concentration Of Natural Resource Wealth Is The Precursor Of Heightened Global Conflicts - The Pockets Of Strife. Hope Survives.



Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

JAN 8TH 2024

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