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"Non-US Resident" Equity Funds

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

FEB 29TH, 2024

Soon To Be Released

Wherefore Art Thou, Oh, Fleeting Coins Of Old; When A Friend In Need Calls ?

Such Dark Arts Of Political Intrigues Are Elusive As Swamp Waters Rise

Alternatives Truths Prevail As Illusions Of Minds Bent By Breathing Swamp Water

Even The Baghdad Trip Was A Bust - Hardly Sold Any Sneakers !

What I Need Is Another TV Series - Titled - "Grab'em While You Can!"

It Really Is So Lonely - Up Here - On Top - As I Try Out My New Uniform

Stick With Me, Lil' Gal - We've Got Miles To Go - And - Pockets To Pick

"To Delay, Forever" - Gotta Finish Those Lyrics"

Gotta Find Some Rhyme Scheme That Jingles With "Offence" And "Immigration"

I Think It's Coming - Something Like "Disgorgement" Seems To Fit The Scheme

YUP ; "To Delay, Forever ... Deportation Ain't Gonna Git Me : NO SIREE !"

Hope Is Something One Has While You Listen To The Approaching Boots

And The "Clink" Of The Keys As They Lock That 'Alternative" Door


Good Night, Mrs Callahagn, Wherever You Are


Question : Who Has Seen Rupert Murdoch Today : Comment


SQYX - CEO (+1NC) 12507091809

Published By : Goodwin-RC : CEO +1News Central

FEB 29TH 2024

"A Leap Of Faith" Year

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