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USSR Dissolved Into 1991 Russia



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@USUN : Good Day, Your Excellency : We Are Confused : Our Understanding Is That The Soviet Union Ended In 1991… - Hence, The USSR Who Gained UNSC Permanent Status Became Null & Void. When Did Gobachev's Russia Join The UN? Regards, SQYX / P+1 News : All News | Plus 1 News Central (

Note : This Question Arises Via UN Membership Scrolls Since June 26th, 1945; Where There Were 50 Signatures To The Charter Out Of 51 Members

· There Were 5 Permanent UNSC Members China - France - Soviet Union - UK & USA

· The Dissolution Of The USSR Resulted In A Newly Defined Russian Border : New Population Base.

  • Did Gorbachev's / Yeltsin's 1991 Russia Apply For UN Membership ?

On Dec 1st, 1991 Ukraine Voted 91% To Defer From Russian Membership

· The USSR Had Been A Federation Of 21 Republics

· Eleven Republics Departed & Remained Independent Of Gorbachev’s Russia

· In December, Gorbachev Resigned & The Soviet Parliament Ended

· Boris Yeltsin Formed The Commonwealth Of Independent States (CIS)

· Yeltsin Became The First President Of The Russia Federation Dec 25, 1991

· On Dec 26th, 1991 The USSR Formally Dissolved

· Did The UN General Assembly's Credentials Committee Approve Russia's Membership & Recommend Such Forward To The UN General Assembly?

Facts Matter- Especially To Today’s Ukraine



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